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The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E) inspired by DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge is kicking off a series of challenges to tackle some of the hardest shared challenges public, private and academic sectors face via “micro-challenges”. The goals of these “micro-challenges” are to produce a community contributed set of forensic tools or unique data sets that can be transitioned back into one’s day job, academic research, etc…

The first of these events for 2023 is “Ghidra Golf”, and was hosted at ShmooCon, on January 20th through January 23rd. Join our Discord server to get help, make a team, and participate in the competition.

The competitor contributed Ghidra Scripts, are available at our ghidra_script repo.

Ghidra Golf Overview

Ghidra Golf is reverse engineering/forensics Capture The Flag event with focus on Ghidra Script development. The contestant’s goal in addition to solving traditional reverse engineering challenges is to develop Ghidra Scripts to identify, parse, decrypt/decode or otherwise accomplish a specific reverse engineering task. Contestants are provided with a binary to download, reverse engineer and to test their code against, before submitting their Ghidra Script for evaluation.

Selected contestant submitted Ghidra Scripts will be compiled into a centralized Github Repository under the Apache 2.0 License. Attribution will be given to the author via the “@author” javadoc.

What types of challenges are we solving?

Ghidra Golf’s goal is to cover a wide spectrum of reverse engineering challenges to be welcoming to newcomers and experienced CTF players alike. Challenge categories will include vulnerability research, malware analysis and other DFIR focused challenges.

Pro Ghidra Golf Association - Winter Tour 2023 Schedule

Ghidra Version 10.2.2 is recommended for the competition.

(time subject to change)

Competition Rules & Code of Conduct

  1. No attacking of the competition infrastructure.
  2. Competitors must be physically at ShmooCon in order to be prize eligible.
  3. Participants must comply to the Code of Conduct available upon joining the Discord server.
  4. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  5. Treat others with respect and dignity.
  6. Do not use offensive language or language with the intent of offending others.